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Re-Roofing and Restoration   


Magnum Contractors specializes in all types of commercial systems. If your system is simply at the end of its expected life span or if storm related events caused damage. Magnum will send a HAAG certified inspector to assess your systems current condition and provide a detailed report of our onsite tests. Call today to schedule your free inspection: 972-201-3418




Flat Roofs


Most flat roof systems are built up and can have multiple layers as a result of additional applications over the years. Modified Bitumen cap sheets account for the layer most visible to the average property owner. Performing a core sample is the best way to determine what actually exists below and if the roof still qualifies for repairs. The most common issue with multiple layers becomes the roofs tendency to absorb moisture. During a hail storm the top layer of material may be punctured by a hail stone and allow rain to seep into the system below. This increases the weight of the system and exposes areas of insulation to moisture causing rapid deterioration. Every system differs and allowing our certified experts to write a report of its current condition and recommendations is the best way to determine your options.


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  • CarollAnn Apartments- Dallas- TX – Completed

  • Country Club Manor – Terrell, TX – In Progress

    Will be updated soon.

  • Preston Bend Village II- Dallas, TX – In Progress

    Will be updated soon.

  • Chivas Country Club- Irving, TX – In Progress

    Will be updated soon.

  • Huntington Park Apartments- New Orleans, LA – In Progress

    Project Description- Flat Roof: damaged by Hurricane Isaac on August 30th 2012. 


    Remove existing Built up roof (2ply) with granulated cap sheet down to decking.


    Replace damaged sheathing and insulation- Design a system to provide positive


    Drainage- current truss support deteriorated under conditions and require


    Re-enforced bracing and EPS tapered system (4” to 0.5”). Blackboard insulation


    board installed With 10 fastener pattern (3” plates and 6”fasteners ). Weatherbond


    TPO 45mil mechanically fastened and heat welded on seams applied to blackboard.


    Wind Zone 4 required a perimeter strip of 4 sheets with fasteners installed every


    6” from center. All penetrations removed and replaced with Manufacture


    Recommended products. Parapet wall re-decked with plywood surface to provide


    Proper adhesion on vertical surface for fully adhered TPO and hand welders. 


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